8th Behavioral Economics and the Seven Deadly Sins

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Over the next weeks, our Managing Director Dr. Manuel Schubert will organize the 8th annual seminar on “Behavioral Economics and the Seven Deadly Sins” at Passau University, Germany.

Starting in 2014, this introductory seminar covers a broad range of topics in behavioral economics: why do we fail to stick to our plans, why do we trust others, when do we care for others, how do we perceive chance, or how do moral judgements influence our actions?

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V20 Communiqué: What is the impact of values?

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Over the last months, the Values20 community has developed a comprehensive set of Policy Briefs building on behavioral insights from all around the world to demonstrate the impact of values on people’s behaviors.

The V20 Communiqué represents the consolidated output of these efforts. It outlines V20’s human-centric approach towards public policy and presents a set of evidence-based policy recommendations to overcome twelve key challenges of the G20.

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V20 Policy Brief: How values boost wellbeing

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Insights and policy recommendations from the V20 Task Force on Quality of Life.

Values are the essence of any society. They are part of national identities, influence the internal moral compass of people and form social norms, all of which are necessary prerequisites for general wellbeing.

This V20 Policy Brief demonstrates that the promotion of specific values can advance quality of life and can significantly contribute to achieving the ambitious goals set by the G20.

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V20 Policy Brief: How values shape organizational outcomes

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Insights and recommendations from the V20 Task Force on Leadership Values

Values are the backbone of any organization. They have significant leverage over the quality and timely provision of organizational outputs. Values influence organizational performance, innovation, and resilience.

This V20 Policy Brief outlines specific values and leadership approaches that strengthen the position that understanding, developing, and leading with the right values is critical to sustainable global development.

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V20 Policy Brief: How values help to advance global and national goals

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Insights from the V20 Task Force on Global Values, headed by Rudolph Lohmeyer and Tor Eneroth.

Values are part of the social capital of a nation. They play a pivotal role in shaping the decisions and behaviors of citizens and hence are a key determinant of social cohesion and the ability of a society to advance its socio-economic development inclusively.

This Policy Brief focusses on the “value of values” and advocates for a general paradigm shift in how conscious values are viewed and integrated into policy. It provides evidence regarding how values have proven to be instrumental for economic cooperation and social development and can contribute to achieving the goals of the G20. Read More

Values20 Summit

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

With an amazing V20 Summit attended by more than 2,200 experts, Values20 in 2020 has come to a fantastic closing. Yet, our real journey to promote values-based behavioral insights for the G20 has only just begun.

Thank you, dear MISK team and entire V20 community, for the wonderful opportunity to accompany you during the inaugural year of V20. We look forward to continuing the journey with all of you in the years to come.

مع انتهاء قمة V20 المذهلة ، وصلت مجموعة تواصل Values20 إلى ختام رائع لعام 2020. ومع ذلك ، فإن رحلتنا الحقيقية لتعزيز الرؤى السلوكية القائمة على القيم لمجموعة العشرين قد بدأت للتو.

شكراً لفريق مسك الأعزاء ولمجتمع V20، على الفرصة العظيمة لمرافقتكم خلال العام الإفتتاحي لـهذه المجموعة. ونتطلع قدماً لمواصلة الرحلة معكم للسنوات القادمة.

Values20: Behavioral Insights for the G20

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

The Values 20 is an emerging global community which has come together for the first time in 2020 to actively engage with the G20 process. As a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners, we seek to support the G20 and the wider world by finding people-centered public policy solutions based on values.

Over the last months, a group of 84 delegates has contributed to the development of three Policy Briefs in the areas of Global Values, Leadership Values, and Quality of Life. Our Policy Briefs are largely built on behavioral research, using empirical evidence to demonstrate the impact of values on people’s behaviors. The key policy recommendations will be included in the V20 Communiqué and officially released during the V20 Summit on 10 November.

Interested in joining the V20 journey?
Then register for the inaugural V20 Summit on 10 November on https://registration.values20.org/

After the Summit, the V20 2021 organizers will be in touch regarding opportunities to contribute to the engagement process under the Italian G20 Presidency and ways to advance behavioral public policy for the G20.

Policy Paper: G20 Protocol on Forced Migration

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

The burden-sharing problem of forced migration continues to threaten the lives and living conditions of millions. Previous attempts to address this challenge have not only failed to mobilize collective action but also inflicted substantial financial losses on G20 countries.

Dr. Manuel Schubert and Dr. Fahad Alsharif propose a new approach – the “G2020 Protocol on Forced Migration” – a global governance framework to efficiently manage the provision and allocation of refugee host capacities. In analogy to the Kyoto Protocol, the framework embeds a multinational exchange platform that balances national interests and capabilities of its member states. By offering member states different options to support burden-sharing, the framework elevates the unexploited gains of cooperation and maximizes incentives for states to join the treaty.

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