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Behavia is Germany’s first consultancy for behavioral public policy and economics. With decades of experience in academia and consulting, we translate Nobel Prize winning research in behavioral science and economics into practice.


Our team comprises behavioral economists, social scientists and public policy experts. With our diverse backgrounds, we combine excellence in consulting and designing behavioral solutions with market-leading expertise in training and coaching.


We are skeptical towards one-size-fits-all consulting and therefore collaborate with other boutique consultancies, think tanks and universities around the globe to untap synergies and jointly deliver the best results for our clients.


We are passionate about behavioral insights and related applications and thrilled at the possibility of making a positive social impact. We are committed to fostering active citizenship, global responsibility and sustainability.


We consider our team to be the most important asset. Besides sharing the same passion, we love to think, discuss and work with each other. Meaningful and flexible jobs, trust-based collaboration and an inspiring, open-minded organizational culture are important values to us and part of our founding principles.

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Our management team

Leading experts in behavioral science

Dr. Manuel Schubert (Managing Director)

Dr. Manuel Schubert is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Behavia. He is passionate about applying behavioral insights to maximize impact and initiate behavioral change. Manuel is a behavioral economist by education with around 14 years of experience in management consulting, government advisory and applied research. He (co-)authored about 40 articles addressing topics in behavioral economics, public policy, international relations and security. Besides his work at Behavia, Manuel is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Passau, Germany. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Anja Reitemeyer (Director)

Dr. Anja Reitemeyer is Director and Co-Founder of Behavia. Anja holds a PhD in Organizational Behavior and Master degrees in Business Administration and International Management. She first came in touch with Behavioral Economics more than fifteen years ago at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, and later on established the first behavioral laboratory at Passau University, Germany. Anja’s research focusses on organizational trust, group coherence, and crisis behavior. She previously worked as a head of department at the Scansonic Group, a Berlin based automotive supplier.

Dr. Julia Stauf (Director)

Dr. Julia Stauf is Director and Co-Founder of Behavia. She has previously worked in Economic Consulting and is an expert in applying Game Theory and Behavioral Economics. Her extensive practical experience is complemented by her strong academic background: she studied Economics in Bonn, Barcelona, Berlin and Cologne with a focus on Behavioral and Experimental Economics, testing game-theoretical predictions in the laboratory. Her studies and PhD thesis were supervised by two of the most influential German economists, Nobel Prize winner Reinhard Selten and Axel Ockenfels. She is thrilled to use her skills and knowledge in an environment where her work has an immediate positive impact.

Prof. Dr. Johann Graf Lambsdorff (Senior Affiliate)

Prof. Dr. Johann Graf Lambsdorff holds a professorship in economic theory at the University of Passau, Germany, since 2003. He devoted his dissertation to international macroeconomics and his habilitation to the economics of corruption. His research embraces topics in monetary and international macroeconomics as well as institutional and experimental economics. His books and articles were published by Cambridge University Press, Experimental Economics, Economics of Governance, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of International Economics, Kyklos and Public Choice.

Prof. Dr. Michael Grimm (Senior Affiliate)

Michael Grimm is Professor of Development Economics at the University of Passau and Dean of the School of Business, Economics and Information Systems. He is also a research professor at the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin and affiliated with the IZA and RWI research networks. His research has a focus on problems related to the labor market, education and health and evaluation of policies in these areas. He has published in the leading journals in the field of development economics such as the World Bank Economic Review, the Journal of Development Economics and Economic Development and Cultural Change. He has carried out field experiments and impact evaluations for the World Bank, the ILO and the Dutch and German Development Cooperation among others.

Prof. Dr. Marcus Giamattei (Senior Affiliate)

Prof. Dr. Marcus Giamattei is a Senior Affiliate of Behavia and Professor for Macroeconomics at the Bard College Berlin, Germany. Marcus started to work on behavioral economic topics around ten years ago at the Chair for Economic Theory at Passau University. His research areas are Behavioral Macroeconomics, Experimental Ethics and Cooperation and Software for Online- and Lab-in-the-Field experiments. He has published his work in scientific journals like Experimental Economics, Plos One and the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. He developed classEx – an online tool for running experiments as lab-in-the-field. He has an international network, e.g. as external fellow at the University of Nottingham, UK.

Dr. Katharina Werner (Senior Affiliate)

Dr. Katharina Werner is an Assistant Professor at the University of Passau, Germany. Her research interests are in conflict resolution, the integration of refugees, cross-cultural experimental economics and fostering social responsibility. She is passionate about using behavioral insights to reestablish cooperation and trust in post-conflict environments and among people that were traumatized in conflicts. She holds a PhD in Behavioral Economics and previously obtained a Master in International Economics from the University of Passau, an MBA from the University of Cincinnati, and a Bachelor in International Cultural and Business Studies. Katharina loves Southeast Asia, has lived and worked in Indonesia and speaks Indonesian fluently.