V20 Communiqué: What is the impact of values?

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Over the last months, the Values20 community has developed a comprehensive set of Policy Briefs building on behavioral insights from all around the world to demonstrate the impact of values on people’s behaviors.

The V20 Communiqué represents the consolidated output of these efforts. It outlines V20’s human-centric approach towards public policy and presents a set of evidence-based policy recommendations to overcome twelve key challenges of the G20.

Content overview

  1. Showcasing the ‘Value’ of Values (pp. 3-4)
  2. Our Rationale: Human-Centric Public Policy (pp. 5-7).
  3. Our 2020 Mandate: The V20 Priority Areas in 2020 (pp. 8-10).
  4. V20 Policy Recommendations (pp. 11-17)
  5. Concluding Remarks (pp. 18-19)

Click here or below to download the V20 Communiqué.

For more information on Values20 and the engagement process in 2021, visit https://values20.org/.

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia