V20 Policy Brief: How values shape organizational outcomes

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Insights and recommendations from the V20 Task Force on Leadership Values

Values are the backbone of any organization. They have significant leverage over the quality and timely provision of organizational outputs. Values influence organizational performance, innovation, and resilience.

This V20 Policy Brief outlines specific values and leadership approaches that strengthen the position that understanding, developing, and leading with the right values is critical to sustainable global development.

Content overview

  1. Introduction (pp. 4-5): Marwan Aljahani and Pamela Doherty.
  2. Values-Driven Leadership (pp. 6-11): How to support transformation? Stefano Petti, Niko Stampfl, Fredrik Lyhagen, Waleed Al-Rashed
  3. Appreciative Leadership (pp. 12-16): Which processes can initiate stakeholder dialogue? Prof. Dr. Michael Manning, Dr. James Ludema, Amber A. Johnson, Ph.D.
  4. Commitment to Enabling Values-Driven Leadership (pp. 17-21): How can leaders voice values? Prof. Dr. Mary Gentile
  5. Systemic Stewardship (pp. 22-30): How can organizations become stewards of societal systems? Fyodor Ovchinnikov, Dr. Krzysztof Dembek, Niran Jiang, Mohammed AlOmrani, Dr. Marco Tavanti
  6. Leadership Integrity (pp. 31-38): How can integrity exert transformative effects? Patricia Berba, Niko Stampfl, Esperide Ananas
  7. Gender Equality (pp. 39-44): How to sanitize HR processes from biases? Mozah Al-Otaibi, Dr. Lama AlSulaiman, Niran Jiang, Mohammed Kabbani, Dr. Julia Stauf, Dr. Manuel Schubert
  8. Employee Responsibility (pp. 45-50): How to reduce the misuse of financial resources? Mozah Al-Otaibi, Prof. Dr. Huda Aldulaijan, Dr. Manuel Schubert, Dr. Julia Stauf

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For more information on Values20 and the engagement process in 2021, visit https://values20.org/.

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia