V20 Policy Brief: How values boost wellbeing

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Insights and policy recommendations from the V20 Task Force on Quality of Life.

Values are the essence of any society. They are part of national identities, influence the internal moral compass of people and form social norms, all of which are necessary prerequisites for general wellbeing.

This V20 Policy Brief demonstrates that the promotion of specific values can advance quality of life and can significantly contribute to achieving the ambitious goals set by the G20.

Content overview

  1. Introduction (pp. 4-5): Albara Al-Auhali and Dr. Krzysztof Dembek
  2. Self-direction (pp. 6-11): How to create the conditions in which people can successfully create and innovate? Prof. Dr. Anat Bardi, Prof. Dr. Julie Lee, Eng. Bassam AlKharashi
  3. Self-control for health and finance (pp. 12-18): How to help people in pursuing their personal goals consistently over time? Dr. Julia Stauf, Dr. Manuel Schubert, Dr. Anja Reitemeyer
  4. Proactive self-care (pp. 19-24): How to transition from the current sick care models to systems that promote prevention and disease reversal? Dr. Maliha Hashmi
  5. Interpersonal solidarity (pp. 25-31): How to mobilize interpersonal solidarity at scale? Prof. Dr. Julie Lee, Prof. Dr. Anat Bardi, Dr. Julia Stauf, Dr. Manuel Schubert
  6. Values-based Education (pp. 32-36): How to develop ethical intelligence through education? Dr. Neil Hawkes
  7. Social Connectedness (pp. 37-42): How to overcome societal divides by promoting similarities and shared? Dr. Lukas Wolf, Prof. Dr. Greg Maio

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For more information on Values20 and the engagement process in 2021, visit https://values20.org/.

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia