V20 Policy Brief: How values help to advance global and national goals

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Insights from the V20 Task Force on Global Values, headed by Rudolph Lohmeyer and Tor Eneroth.

Values are part of the social capital of a nation. They play a pivotal role in shaping the decisions and behaviors of citizens and hence are a key determinant of social cohesion and the ability of a society to advance its socio-economic development inclusively.

This Policy Brief focusses on the “value of values” and advocates for a general paradigm shift in how conscious values are viewed and integrated into policy. It provides evidence regarding how values have proven to be instrumental for economic cooperation and social development and can contribute to achieving the goals of the G20.

Content overview

  1. Introduction (pp. 4-5): The value of values
  2. Shared Truth (pp. 6-12): How can societies be better equipped to fight misinformation? Dr. Manuel Schubert, Prof. Dr. Maha Bashri, Prof. Dr. Cyril Jayet, Eric Vautrin, Dr. Julia Stauf
  3. Mutual Trust (pp. 13-19): How to restore interpersonal and public trust? Dr. Manuel Schubert, Dr. Julia Stauf, Prof. Dr. Cyril Jayet, Eric Vautrin, Dania Koleilat Khatib, PhD
  4. Global Responsibility (pp. 20-27): How can coordinated action help to counter a diffusion of responsibility? Dr. Manuel Schubert, Najla Al-Ariefy, Dr. Julia Stauf, Olina Parrish, Aisha Fallatah, Dania Koleilat Khatib, PhD
  5. Human Empowerment (pp. 28-34): How can governments activate and nurture human empowerment? Prof. Dr. Ronald Fischer, Eric Vautrin, Naif AlAyed, Hussam Al Harbi, Dr. Basma Altuwaijri
  6. Collaborative Innovation (pp. 35-42): How can complex societal problems be solved through collaborative innovation processes? Prof. Dr. Henrique Castro

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For more information on Values20 and the engagement process in 2021, visit https://values20.org/.

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia