Promoting tech for good

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

“How to increase trust in a service app that protects consumer data?” This was the key question behind our project with helix id, a provider of a mobile application that allows users to control third-party access to personal data.

Tech innovations are typically met with distrust and skepticism; preconceptions that exert a significant influence over service uptake and growth rates upon market entry.

To help helix id in overcoming these challenges, we jointly conducted a behavioral project. After learning “what matters most” for users by help of an online survey, we designed a set of treatments that specifically addressed the users’ concerns and fears. The result: Tailoring the marketing campaign to the mental states of the users improved online engagement by 17%.

Helix id have now summarized the results of our intervention and key takeaways of their campaign in their recent blog. Learn more about how behavioral insights helped to promote tech for good (a German version of the report is available here).