Policy Paper: G20 Protocol on Forced Migration

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

The burden-sharing problem of forced migration continues to threaten the lives and living conditions of millions. Previous attempts to address this challenge have not only failed to mobilize collective action but also inflicted substantial financial losses on G20 countries.

Dr. Manuel Schubert and Dr. Fahad Alsharif propose a new approach – the “G2020 Protocol on Forced Migration” – a global governance framework to efficiently manage the provision and allocation of refugee host capacities. In analogy to the Kyoto Protocol, the framework embeds a multinational exchange platform that balances national interests and capabilities of its member states. By offering member states different options to support burden-sharing, the framework elevates the unexploited gains of cooperation and maximizes incentives for states to join the treaty.

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Note: This paper takes a technical perspective on the problem of “burden-sharing” to support the G20 leaders in finding actionable policy solutions to cope with consequences of forced migration. The authors view this proposal as a first step to reignite the debate on global compacts and invite interested parties to contest, co-develop, and improve the suggested framework.

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

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