Update: Combating COVID-19 with Behavioral Insights

Poster - Combating Corona with Behavioral Insights - Behavia

We have updated our poster on behaviors related to COVID-19. It now summarizes 12 promising interventions to improve hand hygiene, social distancing and responses to information. For each intervention, the poster shows a) the idea behind the main treatment, b) respective evidence on behavioral change, c) a takeaway related to COVID-19 and d) the reference to the original study.

The idea behind the poster is to demonstrate the general potential of behavioral insights for practitioners. For a recent literature review, interested readers may take a look at Lunn et al (2020).[i]

Click here or below to download the poster as pdf.

Poster - Combating Corona with Behavioral Insights - Behavia

Disclaimer: The poster was created for information purposes only and ideally inspires new interventions. We do not recommend replication without prior testing.

[i] Lunn, P. D., Belton, C. A., Lavin, C., McGowan, F. P., Timmons, S., & Robertson, D. (2020). Using behavioural science to help fight the Coronavirus: A rapid, narrative review. Journal of Behavioral Public Administration 3(1), 1-15.