Top rank for BEHAVIA’s academic incubator

16th place among the best young universities worldwide and 2nd place in Germany

BEHAVIA‘s  academic incubator and alma mater Passau University has secured another top result in the latest Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking for 2019. Among the universities aged 50 or younger (‘Young University Ranking’) Passau came in 16th and in second place in Germany.

Find more information in the official press release.

Behavioral Labor Market Insights

Discrimination in the Labor Market

Our Managing Director, Dr. Manuel Schubert, will give a talk on Behavioral Labor Market Insights at Passau University on 17/06/2019. During his presentation, Manuel will propose concepts on how to measure the root causes behind the employer-employee mismatch, on how to identify the drivers of employability and entrepreneurship and discuss actionable, small-scale interventions to cope with behavioral barriers in the labor market. Read More

‘I’ve matched with this girl on Tinder, should I buy her a pony?’ On the economics of romantic gestures.

‘The very essence of romance is uncertainty.’ Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Ernest

It is a common misconception that economists don’t have feelings. We do, just like normal people. But we do tend to struggle a bit when it comes to expressing those feelings, due to our natural pragmatism that has been enhanced by years of training. If you tell someone you really like that they are second best, an economist will understand this is a massive compliment: this person is the best you could ever hope to find in a real, imperfect world. However, someone less trained in distinguishing between feasible and non-feasible solutions may find this rather odd and offensive. Why wouldn’t you just tell them they are first best, or simply perfect?

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