Behavioral economic engineering is applicable to a wide range of governmental and non-governmental policies and programs. We analyze individual incentives and perceptions, assemble and pilot behaviorally-enhanced solution designs (incl. nudges and boosts) and accompany our clients during roll-out and implementation. Our consulting areas include, but are not limited to:

Behaviorally-Enhanced Governance

We (re-)build governance structures and mechanisms to optimize government performance, e.g., in areas of measurement, change management, or public procurement.

Behaviorally-Enhanced Interventions

We apply the behavioral economic toolbox to develop behavioral interventions and pilots, e.g., in areas of public safety, public health, customer satisfaction, or consumer protection.

Behaviorally-Enhanced Insights

We provide our clients with empirical evidence and statistical analyses of real-world behavior, attitudes and perceptions to facilitate an informed decision-making.

Interested to learn more about BEHAVIA‘s projects? Then have a look at the sample below.

Behavioral Insights Germany
‘Have you ever stopped dieting?’

If thoughts like ‘this ice cream won’t matter’, ‘TV now, gym later’ or ‘I will quit smoking tomorrow’ sound familiar to you, then you should read about our weight-loss contest. Designed for a large-scale roll out, it combines motivating social incentives, reinforcement mechanisms and small financial rewards in a fun environment.

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