Upcoming Workshop: Behavioral Insights and Nudging

BEHAVIA Behavioral Insights and Nudges

Smart designs, settings and services change how we perceive options and ultimately affect our behaviors. Behavioral insights organize these effects in a systematic way and provide a wide range of nudging applications to better achieve an organization’s goals. Well-known examples at the company level are healthy workplace designs, nudges to de-bias recruitment decisions or to increase job satisfaction.

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Behaviorally-informed health contest goes live

BEHAVIA Weight-Loss ContestThe Saudi Ministry of Health has announced its “Walk 30” campaign. The countrywide campaign under the theme “Saudi Walks!” seeks to promote public health by cultivating a culture of walking. It involves dozens of activities as well as a special walking event held on the Saudi National Day.

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Asbar World Forum “Towards the Future”

Behavioral Insights and Public Policy

Impressions from a fantastic and super inspiring Asbar World Forum “Towards the Future” held under the patronage of HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar, Governor of Riyadh Region. More than 100 speakers from 15 countries.

Why do we fail to take joint global action?

Global action

Our directors Dr. Manuel Schubert and Dr. Julia Stauf give a workshop on Global Cooperation at the Asbar World Forum on 05/11/2019.

Time to rethink our behavior

Climate change, waste disposal or forced migration – most of today’s global challenges have the same root-cause: they result from a trade-off between collective and individual goals. During the workshop, the audience will engage in choice experiments to see how individual incentives are in stark contrast to socially desired outcomes.

How can we use these insights and apply them to joint global actions? Can we develop mechanisms to effectively cope with the underprovision of global public goods? The workshop will address these and related questions from a Behavioral Economics standpoint.

Register now http://www.awforum.org/index.php/en/registration-for-the-discussions

Which type of time-inconsistent decision maker are you?

Answer the six questions in this personality test to find out!

The chocolate self-delusion

Behavioral insights into intertemporal choices, self-control issues and the virtues of commitment

Part 2

Last week, we identified time-inconsistent decision making as the main reason for our chocolate issues.  We will now look into it in a bit more detail.

Types of inconsistent decision-makers

Behavioral economists group people with respect to the extent of how much self-control problems they exhibit and their awareness of these problems.

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