🌙Ramadan Mubarak🌙

Ramadan Mubarak. We wish you a blessed, safe and peaceful Ramadan.

We wish all of you a blessed and peaceful Ramadan and many more blissful times to come. Staysafe.

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7th Behavioral Economics and the Seven Deadly Sins

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi Arabia

Over the next weeks, our Managing Director Dr. Manuel Schubert will organize the 7th annual seminar on “Behavioral Economics and the Seven Deadly Sins” at Passau University, Germany.

Starting in 2014, this introductory seminar covers a broad range of topics in behavioral economics: why do we fail to stick to our plans, why do we trust others, when do we care for others, how do we perceive chance, or how do moral judgements influence our actions?

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New partnership with i-be innovation lab

Behavioral Insights Germany and Saudi ArabiaWe are very happy to announce our new partnership with i-be, a leading incubator and innovation lab in Saudi Arabia.

Together, we want to contribute to the creation of an innovative and creative entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kingdom and apply behavioral economic insights to help startups, corporate and social innovators.

Check out i-be’s website and follow them on Twitter.

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Call for support

Call for supportCall for support: please participate in a 20 minutes survey on COVID-19 experiences and behaviors!

A well-established group of colleagues and scientists is conducting a global survey to develop a more accurate understanding of the covid19 pandemic. Please help them and join us in answering and circulating this survey.

The answers will help to inform public health responses, which can save lives. Here you will find the survey.

Combating Corona with Behavioral Insights

Poster - Combating Corona with Behavioral Insights - Behavia

We have prepared a poster summarizing ten examples on hand hygiene, prosocial behavior and awareness.

For each example, the poster shows a) the key idea behind the intervention, b) evidence on behavioral change, c) a takeaway message and d) the reference for further reading. Evidence on three examples is still missing and we would be grateful for hints on related studies.

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White Paper: Behavioral Insights for Saudi Vision 2030

Behavia - Behavioral Insights for Vision 2030

Governments around the globe have started to apply behavioral insights to boost impact and initiate behavioral change at a large scale.

In this white paper, we introduce the key concepts of this new and groundbreaking avenue in public policy and show how it can help to empower people to take ‘better’ decisions in daily life.

We present a series of cases and examples tailored to the Saudi context and discuss how behavioral insights can contribute to achieving Vision 2030.

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BEHAVIA to support G20 Summit

BEHAVIA Behavioral Insights for G20Fantastic news from the official G20 Engagement Group for Think Tanks: our joint policy brief with Dr. Fahad Alsharif, Senior Researcher at the King Faisal Center for Research & Islamic Studies, has been accepted.

The policy brief focusses on “how to solve global burden sharing problems?” and will form part of the G20 recommendations of the Task Force on “Migration and Young Societies”.

We are super excited, truly honored and can’t wait for the G20 Saudi Arabia Summit to begin!