Behavioral Labor Market Insights

Discrimination in the Labor Market

Our Managing Director, Dr. Manuel Schubert, will give a talk on Behavioral Labor Market Insights at Passau University on 17/06/2019. During his presentation, Manuel will propose concepts on how to measure the root causes behind the employer-employee mismatch, on how to identify the drivers of employability and entrepreneurship and discuss actionable, small-scale interventions to cope with behavioral barriers in the labor market. Read More

A purely rational view on how forced migration ‘should’ be managed

Let’s be honest. Why should we care about intangible global goods like climate change, international security or global market stability? Whatever we or our governments do, we will not be able to turn the world into a better place on our own. Of course, we would appreciate the provision of such goods; praise the one who would shoulder the burden. After all, we would acknowledge that global public goods are preconditions for economic prosperity and sustainability. But let us face the facts: we live in autonomous states with national interests and societies, not in a global village. And, even more important, none of us could ever be excluded from the gains arising from economic or social stability. So why should we agree to any of these global deals? There is nothing to win. Why should far-away Europe, for example, host Syrian refugees when Jordan or Lebanon are the natural candidates?

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